Land/Custom Home Development

Why BUY LAND with Andy Courtney Properties?

Over the last half-century, the great Southwest has provided extraordinary opportunities to buy a piece of paradise. Whether your purchase is for a home, for development or for an investment, Andy has an extensive background that lends himself to being a trustworthy representative and confident ally in all land related vetting and purchasing, including:

  • determining water, sewer, gas, cable, electrical, phone and internet availability on the lot or land
  • finding out if there are any other unforeseen issues that are applicable to the land
  • establishing if the land you wish to buy is accessible by public or private roadways and verifying road maintenance responsibility
  • checking for all of the property’s deed restrictions to make sure what type of residence or commercial structure you can build
  • determining if zoning changes are permitted or even anticipated in the area or if there are plans for construction or improvements that will influence the property or eventuate in assessments
  • what environmental restrictions or requirements may exist for the land
  • determining boundary lines and points that define the land
  • preliminary conversation with lenders about construction loans and requirements