Is Buying Better than Renting?

Buy or Rent?According to a recent Forbes article by Lawrence Yun, the difference in net worth between the typical renter and typical homeowner is about $190,000, in favor of homeowners. This gap is likely to widen even further in 2016. Over the course of a mortgage, homeowners are able to build equity and wealth. Of course, both the team at Andy Courtney Properties and Lawrence Yun recognize that not everyone should be a homeowner. Many people, particularly young people, lack the proper financial standing or a stable career, which make homeownership a less than ideal choice. Still, Yun offers up a simple example of purchasing a home at the median price on a 30 year mortgage in 1985 of $75,500. In 2015, the median home price is $220,000, which is the housing component of a homeowner’s wealth. Even though this example is simple, homeowners who trade up or move are still able to build equity through owning a home and applying that equity to the next down payment of a home. According to Yun, the exact timing of a home purchase will have little effect in the long run because homeowners usually come out ahead of renters, regardless of the time of purchase.

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To read the Forbes article by Lawrence Yun, click here.

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